Terms and Conditions

  1. All prices are F.O.B. point of shipment (or - All Non-Stock items are shipped F.O.B. the Factory, and Freight will be added to the invoice.)
  2. All special orders are subject to 10% over or under shipment.
  3. A 10% cancellation charge will apply on any order placed for shipment, then canceled for any reason.
  4. All returns must have authorization from the office. Request for authorization of a return must be received in 10 days of delivery. Under No Condition are deductions to be made from our Invoice for loss, breakage, or shortage without first obtaining our written permission.
  5. All returns must be prepaid and are subject to a 25% restocking charge.
  6. All Special orders are non returnable or refundable.
  7. Packing slips or Invoices are provided on each shipment. Quantities and conditions are to be checked at time shipment arrives at destination. If any shipment arrives in damaged condition do not accept it unless the carrier acknowledges damage on the freight bill. Damages to this material resulting from transportation or shortages shall be noted on the bill of lading by the receiver and signed by the delivering carrier. All damaged claims to be filed with said carrier. Later reports of damage/shortage cannot be honored.
  8. Cash discounts are sometimes offered on material only, as an incentive for early payment. Cash discounts do not apply to freight charges, delivery charges, or warranties. Discounts taken, after the date allowed in the terms, will be charged back to the account and due by net payment date of the original invoice.
  9. A finance charge will be charged on delinquent balances over 30 days from the due date of the invoice at a rate of 1.5% per month on past due amounts (18% per annum). Accounts, with such past due balances, will not be shipped until satisfactory arrangements have been made to clear delinquency.
  10. Sometimes conditions arise that cause all or part of an invoice to be in dispute, such as billing errors in price, quantity or quality of product. The undisputed amount must be paid within terms and the Credit Department advised of the reason and amount of the dispute. Interest will be waived until 30 days after the problem is solved.
  11. Failure to make payments within terms may cause the credit limits to be canceled and the unpaid balance immediately payable.
  12. Should any legal action be taken in the course of collections, the responsibility for legal fees shall be that of the customer.
  13. Credit limits are based on our confidential review of annual Financial Statements, credit applications, and subsequent credit investigations. Credit limits are adjusted based on payment activity.
  14. Warranties on any merchandise purchased from us are limited to the written warranties given by the manufacturers of the merchandise. There are no other warranties extended or implied by our Company.